Citizen Science

Are you interested in contributing data to help bumble bee conservation?  Take a look at some of the following efforts.  There has been an explosion of different groups gathering data on bumble bee occurrence across the US, but particularly in the Midwest, given the prevalence of rusty-patched in this region.

Bumble Bee Citizen Science Efforts

Bumble Bee Brigade

A brand new effort to survey bumble bees across the state of Wisconsin, led by the Wisconsin DNR.

Rusty patched bumble bee worker foraging on wild rose in the UW Arboretum

Bumble Bee Watch

A national scale effort to record bumble bee observations, led by the Xerces Society.

Worker of brown belted bumble bee on lead plant

Great Sunflower Project

National effort to survey all wild bees in a standardized manner.

Mining bee gathering pollen on a sunflower