Welcome to the online guide to the bumble bees of Wisconsin!

Illustrations of two now rare species of bumble bee, the tri-colored and rusty patched bumble bee

Familiar, fuzzy friends

Bumble bees are important pollinators that usher in the start of spring and remind us of bright, warm summer days.  In recent years, several of the species that occur in Wisconsin and the Midwest have been in decline.  A host of factors including loss of flowers, expanding agriculture, diseases and parasites, as well as altered weather patterns have all taken their toll on these essential insects.

This website is meant to help share the fascinating life history and biology of bumbles, as well as teach how to identify and conserve them here in Wisconsin.  Additionally, consider getting involved in bumble bee citizen science projects to help collect vital data for scientists across the region.


Icon of bumble bee under magnifying glass


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Black and gold bumble bee landing on bee balm