Nolan Amon

Position title: M.S. Student


1630 Linden Dr
546 Russell Labs
Madison, WI 53706

As a graduate student in the Guédot lab, Nolan is currently working on studying the effect of supplemental wildflower plantings on native bee communities in Wisconsin cranberry agroecosystems. The yellow-banded bumble bee (Bombus terricola) is a highly effective pollinator for cranberry, and was formerly one of the most common bumble bees in and around Wisconsin cranberry marshes. However, the yellow-banded bumble bee has experienced precipitous declines over the last century. Using genetic data, he plans to examine how population sizes, genetic diversity, and levels of inbreeding in Bombus terricola have changed in Wisconsin over the past century, and how these genetic changes correlate with large-scale processes like agricultural intensification and climate change.